Clare Dollard – Outside the G.P.O. – Lower Cecil Street

G. P. O.


Greatly Pissed Off queueing

Seeking service- express.

The parcel is not for you,

And there’s no forwarding address.


Greeted Politely On entry.

Your query, dealt with – quick.

‘It’s a self adhesive stamp,’ says the clerk

As your tongue protrudes, to lick.


Greying Pensioners Orbit

Around tassled green ropes as they wait

For the meagre sum they receive

From the powers that be in our state.


Gratitude Pours Out from the few

 that won on the Lotto.

Their supplications finally answered

After hours of prayer at that Grotto.


Generations Posted Onwards

By boat or perhaps air mail.

The kids of the Noughties believe

All deliveries are made by a snail.


– Clare Dollard



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