Inspirational Musing?

Walking along the streets.  Taking a familiar route.  Going to work, to school or to the local shop for a pint of milk.  Nodding to the neighbour always occupying that same corner, pipe in hand.  An irritated shrug as you pass by that closed down shop, where you always found your mother’s perfect Christmas present.  Advertising covering every otherwise empty wall.

All observations, histories, comparisons and memories, reduced to a passing glance as the destination becomes the focus.

If you were to walk a familiar route, without a specific purpose, what would you see?  How would your experience change, if at all?

It is a subjective experience of that place, the things that build up its atmosphere or essence (perhaps we can call it atmo-essence?).   What makes it recognisable and unique?  All those little thoughts and observations that pass, unacknowledged. Mapping how we see and use our public space.

An emphasis on the value of the everyday and the ordinary over the ideals of a consumer driven society.  Expression of specific moments,  that,  joined together, create the fabric of our lives.

One thought on “Inspirational Musing?

  1. this need not be the end of the line…I’ve run..out..of chalk——-but for you this is the beginning..

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