This is a series of contributions collected from people on Catherine Street and Thomas Street over the TomCat Street Festival weekend 1st and 2nd of June 2013.

The purpose of collecting contributions was to seek engagement and receive feedback.

I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions.


I really love the trees

TomCat poetry,

“You are the only exception”

Playing in the streets,

The style, the shoes, over

Everyone’s feet

The shops busy with banter

And coffee

Crowded with tourists and,

Every local John or Mary

The sensible, the creative, the

Strange and absurd

The voices of chalk, these

Are our words.

– David Tierney

Limerick you’re a lady, but you can’t hold your drink.

The combination of business and pleasure.


I sold my book for charity.

Walking down Thomas street and loving the names of the shops ; ‘watercolours’ ‘Bella Italia’ ‘Medjana’ the names roll off the tongue.

I see the brightness of the street. Its wideness makes me look left and right as I try to catch it all. People strolling, children skipping.

I hear snippets of chat (‘Fair play Walter!’  ‘Did you get that dress?’ ‘Johnny, don’t run’,  ‘Will you be much longer’ ‘Did you like your food Madam?’ as I pass the outdoor cafes.

Laughter pulses up with the smoke from the cigarette, twirls in the air and gone and the space taken with the next sentence. More laughter.

–          Anne Culhane

Rushing in the rain.

Great Mediterranean vibe on Catherine street, plus a nice hobo vibe.  Excellent.

Keep the streets ambitious.

I’m really stressed.

On Catherine street, my  friends lived here in an apt.  We riverdanced one night til they got evicted, also I danced on the bin on Catherine street.

Thomas street is the way home and always like to go into the blind pig.

Where is she?

Bleakness after 5pm,

When workers venture home,

A cavern with cubby holes,

Bourkes and his beats,

The friendly handshake with Thomas,

Where have all the people gone?

Food stalls on a Sunday,

A drop in  craft/coffee shop, like a coop it could be,

More music to billow, flaunt and caress the junction,

Let’s make the place function!



It’s lovely when you drive slowly.

Catherine The Great,

Limerick made me,

Framed me,

Shamed me,

Drunk me,

Spat me out,

Walk a mile,

Look up, not down,

Limerick Saved me,

Limerick you’re a “b*tch”.

–          Jackie Allen,  Limerick.

You will always remember your first time, Amazin Chicken.

It’s good to see the sunshine.

Good and Happy.

Café culture, meeting points, coffee, pedestrians, people watching, pubs, eat, drink, plants.

Wish for different weather right now.

This is the street,

Where all/most,

Of culture is,

In Limerick.

There’s also awesome:

Coffee shops and bookstores…

In a weird way,

It’s like the Europe of Limerick.

As I said, in a weird way. *shrugs* (To an American I suppose)

My aunt lived in number 31 Thomas Street in the 1930s.

She would end up in the Ivory Coast.

The accent divide.

Was nearly mugged but for my Munster shirt.

When I was 16 the dream was to leave home and get a flat in Catherine street.


Catherine street is quieter than Thomas Street.

Your shops have names that aren’t known,

I never know where to go,

I wander in and out of shops,

Limerick, I love you but I am lost.

I used to live here, so I’ve seen it all.

People please move; you’re in my way!

I helped out by sharing + ended up carrying stuff for her.

I really like the TomCat logo.

Fla’s best in town.

Javas – my first cappuccino – well three, followed by several hours watching the ceiling.


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