Clare Glynn Chitan at Ormston House

What memories linger with in these walls

What spirits visit and walk these halls

Stairs and rooms, memories from years to year

Spirit of joy and sorrow ring out in the air


Secrets, whispered from room to room

 Telling of births and deaths, now silent as the tomb.

Laughter and tears mothers voices children’s calls.

Lingering memories clinging to the walls.


Empty spaces, resonating sounds.

Old familiar Ormston House, Prominent in our town.

Little do we know what secrets it holds?

While we walk on Patrick Street, we will not be told.

– Clare Glynn Chitan


Brendan Hayes at Ormston House


They were just three ordinary ghosts that I met, going about their ghostly business-
so was I surprised? Well: I was surprised that I wasn’t more surprised by
meeting the three ordinary ghosts.

I guess they were not at all spooky –
No silly sheets over them with burnt-out holes for eyes …just three ordinary
ghosts as I’ve said . Near Ormston House

Later I was asked many questions: how did I know they were ghosts?
Could I see through them? Now that was I thought stupid …
But they definitely could see right through me …

And what of their business that caused them cross my path that day —
yes it was day, not night!? THEY WORE NAME-TAGS of men that I’d known
so there was recognition.. but I’m not sure; were they the likenesses of those
I’d known? Which might have made events easier understand.

Or were they simply carrying the tags of others departed …. I had many questions-
and I was much questioned later ..and later again. Oh, usual stuff; did I not try
and take a photo… Ask for email ,twitter, even facebook links.
it wasn’t like I was scared, either .

Yes. They knew my name, I’d heard it said- by someone in the trio-
as I stood aside, quite clearly ‘That’s Brendan!!!    And when they’d walked past I turned and saw -Yes, they had their feet firmly on the ground
and their backs jerking, like they were laughing …

They were just three ordinary walking, talking ghosts
that I left alone …and continue with whatever was their business that day
as I walked near Ormston house . Was that so weird from me ?
What else should I have done or said anyway ..

– Brendan Hayes


Evan Kennedy at Ormston House

In the early 90’s this was the site of Forbidden Planet Comic shop and it was geek heaven in the basement.  We would spend hours here every Saturday devouring the latest comics from the U.S. I remember how happy my brother’s best friend Niall was to get the latest issue of ‘The Maxx’. I remember the joy on his face. I remember the overwhelming smell of fresh paper, trading cards, action figures and T-shirts, coupled with the aroma of Marlboro lights and cans of coke. I remember the lovely Des who worked there and the cool blonde chick who may as well have been Tank Girl. Years later I heard that Des died tragically. Niall also left us recently. This building was a source of so much joy in sharing geek culture. The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be Brave. Live.

– Evan Kennedy


And… we are launched!!!

A hard day’s work yesterday for the Street Line Critics and Prequel Programme Collaborative Event in Ormston.  Here are a few photos we took during the  day.  We have one piece left to do on the street and then we are ready to roll on with more photos.  We will highlight a submission every day for the duration of the event.  Do come visit us.  Things are always better in the flesh!

And I want to give a big thanks to our collaborative partner Paul Quast and his Prequel Programme,  Mary Conlon, director of Ormston House who helped make this all happen and Caoímhe MacAllister for her invaluable help with the installation.

And thanks to all our followers and supporters! 




Photographs by Paul Quast, Mary Conlon and Lotte Bender