Brendan Hayes on Clancy Strand

Brendan Hayes on Clancy Strand


I see the girl dancing by the river
leaping the gaps in the wall
but talking much too fast
How can she make sense of it all
or find the time
and space
to heal
But here I kneel and pray
and hope she’ll feel
happiness some day soon
let the light
of this summer moon
shine bright the way…

– Brendan Hayes (18-07-2013)

Brendan 1 CSBrendan 2 CS

Brendan Hayes on O’ Callaghan Strand

There’s a stone and its black and green and it lies on the riverbed,

With neither eyes to see nor tears that can be shed,

Yet the light of a million moons its drank searching for the dead.

– Brendan Hayes (18-07-2013)


Brendan 1 OCS Brendan 2 OCS Brendan 3 OCS

This is not the end of the the line__________________



|_________It is the beginning_______




This is not the end of the line________________________________

– Brendan Hayes (18-07-2013)


Brendan 4 OCS Brendan 5 OCS

Anne Culhane’s Piece on Thomas Street

Anne Culhane's Piece on Thomas Street

Walking down Thomas street and loving the names of the shops ; ‘Watercolours’ ‘Bella Italia’ ‘Medjana’ the names roll off the tongue.

I see the brightness of the street. Its wideness makes me look left and right as I try to catch it all. People strolling, children skipping.

I hear snippets of chat (‘Fair play Walter!’ ‘Did you get that dress?’ ‘Johnny, don’t run’, ‘Will you be much longer’ ‘Did you like your food Madam?’ as I pass the outdoor cafes.

Laughter pulses up with the smoke from the cigarette, twirls in the air and gone and the space taken with the next sentence. More laughter.

– Anne Culhane


Are you interested in contributing?

‘Street Line Critics’ is group of writers who share their thoughts, experiences and insights about particular places and routes in Limerick city using words of chalk as our medium.  We offer alternative perspectives of how we see and use these public places.  Through our musings and observations we are starting a conversation with and about the city, creating awareness of these spaces which belong to all of us.  Providing impermanent monuments to the everyday.

We want to share an experience of the city within a critical social context.  Mapping out how Limerick is lived, walked, worked and used.

If you are a writer, poet, playwright, novelist, or any other kind of wordsmith or simply a person with an interest in words, and would like to get involved, drop us an email or contact us directly through the website contact form.  (Both to be found under the contact heading).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

TomCat Street Festival

TomCat Street festival was a great opportunity to engage directly with people on the street, pitching the idea and gaining feedback.  A huge thanks is in order for Natalie Woociker, the photographer for the weekend and David Tierney, who spent the weekend helping out in every possible way.  A thank you of course also to all the businesses on Catherine and Thomas street and the festival organizers and curators Anastasia Artemeva, Steve Maher and Gimena Blanco.