Teri Murray on Thomond Bridge

The Cowboy Of The Western World
He rides the range at Thomond Bridge
tracking trampled hooves
smeared by heavy plod of wellies
ragged tyre threads
Branded on rim of Stenson’s brim
random ropes of yahoos and sneers
bounce off a tarnished silver star
a pitchfork’s rusted spears
Lassoed on saddle bags
a magpie’s hoard of littered dreams
huddled in an empty churn
where secrets cannot be seen
Reflected in the river
beckoning west
towards Clare.
– Teri Murray

Christy O’Donnell’s poem on Thomond Bridge

I stood and watched as here they fell,

some jumped freely thinking this life was hell,

mixed up feelings within their head,

lost to the river the floating dead,

memories remain with those bereft,

all were loved before here they left,

on moonlight beams you can hear their song,

in death there is no right nor wrong.

 – Christy O’Donnell