Teri Murray on Lord Edward Street

Excerpt from ‘Isis on Edward Street’
‘On Edward Street
hieroglyphs of faded memories
scoured by time and rain
hunkered at the base
of a Rosetta Stone
beside the barracks wall
Yet May has come again
and the year has turned twice
the eye of Horus is squinting
sunlight through the leaves
of a Horse-chestnut
and a resurgent spark
has restored something to me
after my long stay in the house
of the Dead on the other side
of denial where you still dwell’
– Teri Murray
Photographs by Natalie Woociker:

Teri Murray on Newenham Street

The House In Newenham Street
I have come to this house
along the Slí Dála
the ancient route
from Dublin to the west
Brought all my confusion
mania and suffering
and placed it on the black mantle-piece
where dust gathers
taking the hard edge off the pain
A woman lived here once
perhaps she too
set the menorah on the black mantle-piece
branches like pollarded willow shoots
and remembered Lithuania
the army of the Tsar
pogroms and death
the scapegoats of those
who believed in Christ
Or maybe she heard as I do now
the humming of the walls
or the sonata from a piano
played by the hands of someone long dead
or found comfort
in the curtains
fabric folded
like hands in prayer.
– Teri Murray
Photographs by Natalie Woociker:

Teri Murray on Thomond Bridge

The Cowboy Of The Western World
He rides the range at Thomond Bridge
tracking trampled hooves
smeared by heavy plod of wellies
ragged tyre threads
Branded on rim of Stenson’s brim
random ropes of yahoos and sneers
bounce off a tarnished silver star
a pitchfork’s rusted spears
Lassoed on saddle bags
a magpie’s hoard of littered dreams
huddled in an empty churn
where secrets cannot be seen
Reflected in the river
beckoning west
towards Clare.
– Teri Murray