Rita Ryan outside the Munster Fair Tavern (Mulgrave Street)

The Munster Fair Tavern
The Munster Fair Tavern so aptly placed
looks directly across at the Human Race
The ones that have passed away,
And will never again see the dawn of the day.
The famous Sean Bourke sat there glass in hand
As the funeral of his uncle Feathery passed,
Totally devoid of the wealth he has amassed
Some family feud, maybe it was about land
Made Sean and himself bury their heads in the sand.
Still himself and the friends proposed a toast
Hoping Feathery wouldn’t haunt him
Or that he wouldn’t see his ghost.
– Rita Ryan

Rita Ryan on Pery Square

The Sinking Church in Pery Square

Curiosity got us going,
A bunch of seven year olds,
So very bold,
To the sound of ‘into a Protestant church you must not go’,
Echoing in our ears, 
It didn’t help to dispel our fears.

Down Pery Square we went,
Brave as could be, 
Maybe old nick the Devil to see.

Nervously giggling in we went,
Just as the thunder and lightning was Heaven sent,
Up Pery Square how fast we ran, 
Thinking, to confession, to the Bishop we must go,
We knew our mothers were going to say’I told you so’!,
That was back in the long long ago.

– Rita Ryan