9-10-11 Launch – Street Line Critics and Prequel Programme Collaboration


Hey Everyone, the long wait is over!  The Street Line Critics and Prequel Programme Collaborative event will be launched at 12pm on Wednesday the 14th of May and will run for two weeks.

You will be able to find us chalking up the large windows of Ormston House Gallery (9-10 Patrick Street) on Wednesday if anyone would care to drop by for a chat.

We will be writing up the many submissions we received as well as a variety of interesting facts and tidbits.

A different submission will be posted up for each day of the event and we will be sharing lots of photos.  Don’t hesitate to drop by and see it in the flesh though!

For more information on the event:  https://streetlinecritics.net/2014/02/27/open-call-street-line-critics-the-prequel-programme-collaboration/   

Prequel Programme:  http://www.prequel-ormstonhouse.com/

Ormston House: http://www.ormstonhouse.com/

Extension of submission deadline for the Prequel Programme, Street Line Critics Collaboration

Hey Everyone,

We are extending the deadline for submissions to the Street Line Prequel Collaboration for one week while preparations for the event are underway.

If any of you have anything you would like to share be sure to get in touch. We shall keep you all updated with the exact dates that everything shall be written up. Be sure to watch the Street Line Critics page for photographs from the event. We will be highlighting someone’s submission for each day of the event.

Thanks for your interest and support.


Clare Glynn-Chitan on Pery Square


What could be more pleasant than to sit in a restaurant with a glass of wine and have a nice meal,

Not to feel guilty about the fact you skived off work,

That you have lost your pay on playing the slots, the bingo, the horses, drink, drugs, whatever,

Depression is an all-consuming deep pit,

Eats away at the soul,

Crushes you in ways you cannot dream of,

Destroys your health and well being,

Leads you along the path you would not travel,

You go so low you cannot see the road that leads you home,

Confidence is squashed, you are in sludge and mire,

Where is the path that leads you home,

You are in your own hell and stay there longer than you should,

Where did you go wrong, how did you get there?

Did you expect too much from yourself and your loved ones,

You cannot accept failings at any level,

It is in your hands to change,

Is it that easy to change the tracks in your brain?

Retrain the brain, set down new pathways,

Focus on other activities,

Move on to find another path,

Change the channel,

Come out the other side and join the human race.

– Clare Glynn-Chitan


Open Call – Street Line Critics & The Prequel Programme Collaboration

Street Line Critics & The Prequel Programme Collaboration

Submission Deadline:  25th April 2014, 12am.

Street Line Critics and The Prequel Programme are delighted to announce an open call for an upcoming collaboration happening in May this year.   We would like to invite you to send in written/text based submissions relating to Ormston House (9-10-11 Patrick Street) for a collaboration which allows everyone to share their thoughts on the legacy of this building and on the fabric of Limerick life over the years. The submission can take any format, whether it is a word, sentence, fact, experience, poem, story, memory, piece of history, research, or even a snippet of conversation which you remember having- As long as it is some way related to the building, even if it happened outside or near it.

All submissions will be written in chalk marker and chalk on the large windows of Ormston House Gallery and the street/foot path outside for the duration of 2 weeks in May.

Each submission will be credited to the person who wrote it, written in quote format on the windows and on the street.

The project will be documented and shared across the Prequel Project and Street Line Critics website platforms as well as all individual submissions being posted on the Street Line Critics website and Facebook.

For further information or to get involved, please send your submission and/or query to streetlinecritics@gmail.com  with ‘Ormston House’ in the subject field.  You will receive confirmation of your submission.  We look forward to hearing from you.

About the collaborating parties:

The Prequel Programme

The Prequel Programme is a research project and active archive which was founded to celebrate the history contained within the walls of 9-10-11 Patrick Street (9-10 being Ormston House) and revive these past events in the minds of Limerick’s inhabitants though a series of historically-based contemporary events.

For more information, please visit:  www.prequel-ormstonhouse.com

Street Line Critics

’Street Line Critics’ is a network of writers who share their thoughts, experiences and insights about particular places and routes in Limerick city using words of chalk as their medium. They offer alternative perspectives of how we see and use our public places. Opening up our streets through their musings and observations as a canvas to start a critical conversation with and about the city. By providing these impermanent monuments to the everyday, they are drawing attention to these spaces which belong to all of us and are engaging in a process of mapping out, through words, how Limerick is lived, walked, worked and used.

For more information visit:

Website: www.streetlinecritics.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StreetLineCritics

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StLineCritics




Up and Coming Collaboration with the Prequel Project at Ormston House


Hello Everyone,

The first meeting has taken place confirming a collaboration between Street Line Critics and Ormston House’s Prequel Project. http://www.prequel-ormstonhouse.com/events.html

No dates have been set just yet but we will be starting up an open call in the coming weeks.  

We are looking for contributions about Ormston House, creating a collage of its histories, memories, stories and the experiences that people had there. 

These contributions can come in the form of facts, research, stories, poems or any other word related material.

Although the collaboration is in its developing stages.  It is hoped that there would be a collage of texts, starting on the windows, with chalk marker and moving slowly onto the streets outside.  

Let us know if you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions or contributions, we will keep you posted on all developments.

Joe Healy on Howley’s Quay

Gathered in Darkness, Rescued in Light

We gathered in darkness
four in the morning
unbelievable, the crowd
that showed by our side.
For the House they call Pieta
who councel the lonely
hoping to free us
from the stigma of  – suicide.

Like the Vikings we crept
over the Island.
Sarsfield and Thomond
now in our wake.
The Shannon our guide
gently was flowing
its low tide exposing
the love we forsake.

Do you know who
helped us on our walk?
Young people from late
night discos and bars.
They joined us filled
with banter and talk.
We all struggled together
under God’s stars.

By dawn’s early chorus
swans slept near the quayside
necks tucked in the wing
souls under sweet lines.
Each corner we turned
had our saviours and guardians,
how many nights, have they
looked out for signs?

We thank all the fine helpers
working hard, out of sight
who help us poor people
turn darkness to light.

– Joe Healy


Jennifer M. on Mulgrave Street (outside St. Joseph’s Hospital)

I try to see you with my eyes closed


Every day I was doing my best,

Moving you out of my brain.

Dreaming about all the things we had,

Illusions, for me it was the same.

I know you had no body.

But for me you were so good.

Deep inside me.

You gave me all that you could.

Now I am here alone in their world,

Leaving my best friend behind.

They say now it’s over.

But they cannot feel the pain.

Hope one day, you are again back in my brain.

– Jennifer M.