Clare Glynn-Chitan on Pery Square


What could be more pleasant than to sit in a restaurant with a glass of wine and have a nice meal,

Not to feel guilty about the fact you skived off work,

That you have lost your pay on playing the slots, the bingo, the horses, drink, drugs, whatever,

Depression is an all-consuming deep pit,

Eats away at the soul,

Crushes you in ways you cannot dream of,

Destroys your health and well being,

Leads you along the path you would not travel,

You go so low you cannot see the road that leads you home,

Confidence is squashed, you are in sludge and mire,

Where is the path that leads you home,

You are in your own hell and stay there longer than you should,

Where did you go wrong, how did you get there?

Did you expect too much from yourself and your loved ones,

You cannot accept failings at any level,

It is in your hands to change,

Is it that easy to change the tracks in your brain?

Retrain the brain, set down new pathways,

Focus on other activities,

Move on to find another path,

Change the channel,

Come out the other side and join the human race.

– Clare Glynn-Chitan


Rita Ryan on Pery Square

The Sinking Church in Pery Square

Curiosity got us going,
A bunch of seven year olds,
So very bold,
To the sound of ‘into a Protestant church you must not go’,
Echoing in our ears, 
It didn’t help to dispel our fears.

Down Pery Square we went,
Brave as could be, 
Maybe old nick the Devil to see.

Nervously giggling in we went,
Just as the thunder and lightning was Heaven sent,
Up Pery Square how fast we ran, 
Thinking, to confession, to the Bishop we must go,
We knew our mothers were going to say’I told you so’!,
That was back in the long long ago.

– Rita Ryan