Rita Ryan outside the Munster Fair Tavern (Mulgrave Street)

The Munster Fair Tavern
The Munster Fair Tavern so aptly placed
looks directly across at the Human Race
The ones that have passed away,
And will never again see the dawn of the day.
The famous Sean Bourke sat there glass in hand
As the funeral of his uncle Feathery passed,
Totally devoid of the wealth he has amassed
Some family feud, maybe it was about land
Made Sean and himself bury their heads in the sand.
Still himself and the friends proposed a toast
Hoping Feathery wouldn’t haunt him
Or that he wouldn’t see his ghost.
– Rita Ryan

Jennifer M. on Mulgrave Street (outside St. Joseph’s Hospital)

I try to see you with my eyes closed


Every day I was doing my best,

Moving you out of my brain.

Dreaming about all the things we had,

Illusions, for me it was the same.

I know you had no body.

But for me you were so good.

Deep inside me.

You gave me all that you could.

Now I am here alone in their world,

Leaving my best friend behind.

They say now it’s over.

But they cannot feel the pain.

Hope one day, you are again back in my brain.

– Jennifer M.