Clare Glynn Chitan outside Limerick’s Colbert Station

Limerick Junction

The Station large and dome like, clinically clean
Cream tiles with loneliness lingering in every pore
Birds flying high, coming home to roost, to nest under the eaves
Family’s grouped together, like midgets around the carriage doors
Filling in the silent moments with meaningless chit chat
Another youth his passage paid is leaving home
To wander the earth, to search for a living
A train huffed and puffed, while building up its steam
A whistle signals, the train is moving slowly, outward bound
A last look back, to little groups, disappearing in to the distance
A waving frenzy to the chug, chug, chug of the train
The engine singing
Going Away, Going Away, Going Away
And he is gone

– Clare Glynn Chitan 



Clare Glynn Chitan at Ormston House

What memories linger with in these walls

What spirits visit and walk these halls

Stairs and rooms, memories from years to year

Spirit of joy and sorrow ring out in the air


Secrets, whispered from room to room

 Telling of births and deaths, now silent as the tomb.

Laughter and tears mothers voices children’s calls.

Lingering memories clinging to the walls.


Empty spaces, resonating sounds.

Old familiar Ormston House, Prominent in our town.

Little do we know what secrets it holds?

While we walk on Patrick Street, we will not be told.

– Clare Glynn Chitan


Clare Glynn-Chitan on Pery Square


What could be more pleasant than to sit in a restaurant with a glass of wine and have a nice meal,

Not to feel guilty about the fact you skived off work,

That you have lost your pay on playing the slots, the bingo, the horses, drink, drugs, whatever,

Depression is an all-consuming deep pit,

Eats away at the soul,

Crushes you in ways you cannot dream of,

Destroys your health and well being,

Leads you along the path you would not travel,

You go so low you cannot see the road that leads you home,

Confidence is squashed, you are in sludge and mire,

Where is the path that leads you home,

You are in your own hell and stay there longer than you should,

Where did you go wrong, how did you get there?

Did you expect too much from yourself and your loved ones,

You cannot accept failings at any level,

It is in your hands to change,

Is it that easy to change the tracks in your brain?

Retrain the brain, set down new pathways,

Focus on other activities,

Move on to find another path,

Change the channel,

Come out the other side and join the human race.

– Clare Glynn-Chitan