And… we are launched!!!

A hard day’s work yesterday for the Street Line Critics and Prequel Programme Collaborative Event in Ormston.  Here are a few photos we took during the  day.  We have one piece left to do on the street and then we are ready to roll on with more photos.  We will highlight a submission every day for the duration of the event.  Do come visit us.  Things are always better in the flesh!

And I want to give a big thanks to our collaborative partner Paul Quast and his Prequel Programme,  Mary Conlon, director of Ormston House who helped make this all happen and Caoímhe MacAllister for her invaluable help with the installation.

And thanks to all our followers and supporters! 




Photographs by Paul Quast, Mary Conlon and Lotte Bender


9-10-11 Launch – Street Line Critics and Prequel Programme Collaboration


Hey Everyone, the long wait is over!  The Street Line Critics and Prequel Programme Collaborative event will be launched at 12pm on Wednesday the 14th of May and will run for two weeks.

You will be able to find us chalking up the large windows of Ormston House Gallery (9-10 Patrick Street) on Wednesday if anyone would care to drop by for a chat.

We will be writing up the many submissions we received as well as a variety of interesting facts and tidbits.

A different submission will be posted up for each day of the event and we will be sharing lots of photos.  Don’t hesitate to drop by and see it in the flesh though!

For more information on the event:   

Prequel Programme:

Ormston House: