Katie Lynch’s piece – Street Line Critics Sligo

This was Katie Lynch’s piece in memory of her friend.

‘This whole new place was overwhelming at first,
The pain of isolation can’t be described in a verse,
But returning to this spot a few months after,
The silence in your new home was filled with laughter,
And with some time became one,
Our new little Sligo son,
Your warming smile and embrace,
When I sit here I see your face.

Rest in peace Jamie

– by Katie Lynch

Photographs by Barry McHugh

IMG_0540 IMG_0544 IMG_0527 IMG_0530

Thank you so much to everyone involved with the project in Sligo!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks again to all the wonderful people who got involved with the project during our stay in Sligo.

A huge thank you to The Model Sligo for hosting us, and thank you to Barry McHugh and Patrick Curley, for their support and help in organising the project.

Thank you also to Tony of Hearts Desire, who kindly sponsored us with a cup of coffee, as fuel on our journey through the town.

We had an absolutely fantastic time and hope to catch up with our Sligo Street Line Critics and some point very soon.

We will be posting up images of the event for the duration of the weekend so do watch this page.

Look forward to meeting you all again at some point soon,


Thank you to everyone who came to The Model yesterday

Hey Everyone,

We had a fantastic day in The Model today. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the talk and workshop. We have lots of contributions to get chalking up in the town today.

And remember for anyone who couldn’t make it yesterday or won’t be able to make it today, you can still contribute via streetlinecritics@gmail.com just include your name and specific location where you would like it written.

Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome. Look forward to seeing you all today at 2pm in the foyer of The Model, ready to hit the town.

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